Did you know that food is the primary cause of the most chronic diseases? The good news is that it is also the cure to all health issues. We pride ourselves on the quality of ingredients we use to make your culinary experience the best in the highlands of Boquete.

Our vegetables grow organically and are picked daily here, in LaVida Orgánica gardens and green houses. Our chefs also carefully select products from our local farmers.

Juice Bar

Enjoy your meal with your choice of fresh natural juices from our Juice Bar, or choose to enjoy a glass of wine from our wide selection in our wine menu.

Fact from our Wellness Pundit:

“If you drink three natural green juices a day, as a complement to your healthy diet, you will be sure to nurture your body. The natural juices do not have preservatives, they give your digestive system a break, and they energize you, strengthen your immune system to fight disease, detox your body, and will make you shine with energy. Enjoy life with these mixtures of pure fruit and vegetable that will help you to achieve longevity”.


Our Team