We pride ourselves on the nature that surrounds us, and that's why we take such good care of it. In Valle Escondido you will find a great variety of flowers, all kinds of trees, including fruit trees. We even have our organic gardens, and there is also a cascade and a river that runs thru the property. Our body is programmed to inhabit places such as Valle Escondido, because when we were created, God put us in the Garden of Eden. He did not place us in a city full of buildings and cars, life was simple then, and we were surrounded by nature. The energy that you'll feel here is good and strong, and it has to do with the healing that all the cells in your body begin to experience once you enter a place like this, and we can say that the healing in your body is intimately related to the contact you have with nature. You can start your healing process by surrounding yourself with nature; you see, when our body is stressed, it gets charged with positive ions which become very damaging to our cells. Our body needs negative ions to stay healthy, and the natural surroundings in Valle Escondido with its cascades, rivers, and woods, becomes a great source of negative ionization that positively influences our health. Valle Escondido, with its nature, is a place for natural healing, it is the Garden of Eden.